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The Call - Dark Moor şarkı sözleri

Ekleyen: cthulhu
Diğer The Call parçaları
Dark thoughts invade my mind
The dancing is frenzy
The monolith raises sinister
A monotonous melody
The madness is a torturing game
Slow is killing me
My soul cries bitter hopes
While They all sing
The call of cthulhu
The call of cthulhu
Crazy dreams...
Remember (The) words of necronomicon
The wind howls again
The black gate opnes silently
Do i see The truth?
Hideous tentacles on his face
A shout without voice
Immense mountains of malevolence
While They all pray
That is not dead
Which can eternal lie
Yet with strange aeons
Even death may die
Remember The face of my master
In my dreams under The sea
Open The door and rip The veil
Tell me The word, give me The power
Of The black ancient knowledge
Ia jag sathot
Ia sub ne gu rath