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Marka Roland
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Integrates easily with your kit

A great alternative to acoustic triggers and a rack sampler, the SPD-S lets you play up to eight sounds using six durable rubber pads and three superb-feeling edge triggers. There are no complicated settings to make. Just record a sound, assign it to a pad and go. Up to 12 minutes of sampling is provided in Long mode, along with CD-quality sampling and easy editing including Truncate and Trigger Mode functions.

Choose from pre-loaded or sampled sounds

With room for 399 User waveforms, the SPD-S can store plenty of samples. Better still, there are also 181 ready-to-play waveforms pre-loaded into User memory. These sounds are unique to the SPD-S and include a variety of acoustic and electronic drums, percussion, sound effects and phrase loops that can be combined with user samples to create the ultimate drum kit. A sampling CD is also included, making it easy to expand the onboard sounds.

Powerful sound creation tools

With 30 multi-effects algorithms and a unique ambience effect, the SPD-S offers endless sound-sculpting tools. Just add an effect and resample the output for quick and easy triggering! Using the Phrase Maker function, you can create custom phrase loops by resampling a pattern being triggered from the pads. And tweaking a sound or effect during performance is easy—just twist the front-panel knobs or use an optional expression pedal.

Expandable and customizable

The SPD-S has a stereo input and can accommodate up to two trigger units for playing a drum pad in either a head or head/rim configuration. And with MIDI In and Out, it makes a great controller and module as well. Drummers will also appreciate being able to assign two waveforms per pad and switch them via velocity or footswitch. The pads and the optional footswitch also make for an easy way to stop sounds, switch Patches and turn effects On or Off.

Convenient CompactFlash storage

The SPD-S works with readily available CompactFlash media—making it easy to expand the onboard sampling time, store custom sounds, and even import or export .WAV/AIFF files using your Mac or PC.

Pads Built-in Pads: 9 Maximum Polyphony 8 voices Sampling Mode Fine/Standard/LongSampling Frequency 44.1 kHz Input Level Line : -10 dBu, Mic: -50 dBuInput Impedance 10 k ohms (LINE/MIC)Output Level Output: -10 dBu Output Impedance Output: 1 k ohms, Headphones: 47 ohms * 0 dBu = 0.775 VrmsMemory Patches: 128, Waves (User): 399 (Pre-loaded Sound 181), Card: 500Maximum Sampling Time 12 min. approx. (Internal Memory, Long Mode) Effects Multi-Effects (30 Type) + Ambience (System)Display 16 characters, 1 line (backlit LCD) Connectors Output Jacks(L/Mono, R, 1/4 inch phone type), Input Jacks (L/Mono, R, 1/4 inch phone type) *LINE/MIC selectable, Headphones Jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type), Trigger Input Jack (1/4 inch TRS phone type), Expression Pedal Jack (1/4 inch TRS phone type), MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT), Footswitch Jack (1/4 inch TRS phone type), CompactFlash Card Slot Power Supply DC 9V AC AdaptorCurrent Draw 1,000 mA Accessories Owner's Manual, AC Adaptor (ACI-120C/ACI-230C/ACB-230E/ACB-240A), Sampling CD, Slit Tape, Screw x2, Hexagon Wrench
Size and Weight

Width (W)342 mm13-1/2 inchesDepth (D)282 mm11-1/8 inchesHeight (H)83 mm3-5/16 inchesWeight 2.1 kg4 lbs. 11 oz.
* Weight: excl. AC Adaptor
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