Studiologic by Fatar Numa Concert

Studiologic by Fatar Numa Concert

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Numa Concert

The Studiologic Numa Concert is a professional live performance digital piano and a high definition keyboard controller, with 88 keys Graded Hammer Action, solid wood key body and Ivory touch on the top surface of the white keys. The key action of the Numa Concert provides an absolute authentic touch of a Concert Piano and the triple switch contact system allows a fast repeating rate and a total dynamic control.

The new Concert Grand and Stage Grand piano sounds have been accurately recorded with professional equipments and the expertise of skilled tuners and top piano concert artists. Together with a wide selection of quality sounds, the Numa Concert adds to your performance and musical creativity all the power you can expect from an high professional instrument during a concert or a studio session.

The Concert & Stage Grand sounds have been based on a source of 1GB studio quality 5 tracks digital recording of reference pianos preferred by top artists. The original recording included all 88 notes, captured by 5 close and surround studio microphones, played at multiple dynamic levels. Such accurate sound database has been reduced and mixed into a stereo 2 tracks (L/R) with hi-resolution and sampling rate.

The final sounds, both of the Concert Grand and Stage Grand, are based on 9 dynamic levels (from pianissimo to fortissimo) and the various layers are interpolated in real-time with cross-filtering and loudness parameters.

The perfect control over the complex and well balanced sound structure is made possible by the Fatar’s TP/40 Wood keyboard, with solid wood white keys, 3 contacts per key and hi-resolution velocity measuring system, allowing fast repeating rates and a total playing control at any dynamic level.

The unique and classic "Ivory touch” surface also assures a perfect control of the performance and a firm playing accuracy at any speed, as found only in acoustic concert pianos.





Strings Resonance: the new piano sounds are further made very natural and realistic by the new Strings Resonance. This physical model reproduces the effect created in acoustic pianos when the damper pedal is pressed and all dampers are lifted from the strings, that are free to resonate and create a very typical reverberation. This post-processing has been developed by the Studiologic Lab team as a total physical model (not as a simple sampling) and implemented with innovative technical improvements.

Soundboard Resonance: an acoustic grand piano is a very reactive structure, that resonates with the played notes (as well as with external sound sources) even without activating the damper pedal. This Soundboard Resonance is so evident that a piano tuner needs to artificially stop all strings (with felt of clothes) when tuning the instrument.






Sympathetic Resonance: in acoustic pianos any played key lifts the damper from the related string/s, that are free to resonate with the corresponding harmonics of any other note played later. The Numa Concert physical modelling also reproduces this important property of the acoustic piano sound.

This in-depth research allowed to finalize a very warm and realistic effect, as compared to many other instruments on the market, and the amount of the 3 functions (Strings, Soundboard and Sympathetic Resonances) can be controlled from "off” to max with 10 intermediate steps.





  • 88 Keys, Graded Hammer Action (TP/40wood),

  • Ivory feel surface,

  • Triple switch detection system. 

Sound Engine

- Stereo-Multi-Sample DSP with TrS (true sound) technology,

- 128 voices max. polyphony,

12 Selected sounds:

  • Concert Grand

  • Stage Grand

  • E Piano 1

  • E Piano 2

  • E Piano 3

  • Clavi

  • Pad 1

  • Pad 2

  • Organ 1

  • Organ 2

  • Bass 1

  • Bass 2


  • Switch On/Off button

  • MIDI Volume knob

  • 2x MIDI Zones (according to the keyboard split)


  • Program change

  • Bank select LSB

  • Bank select MSB

  • Channel

  • Octave


  • 50x Preset

  • Effects Auto-set Panel

  • 2 Keyboard zones for Split/Layer

  • 4x Velocity curves

  • 1x User velocity curve with 10 memories of Fatar Touch auto-learning system


  • Master Volume knob

  • Bass knob

  • Treble knob

  • Balance knob

Modulation Fx Settings:

  • Off

  • Chorus

  • Phaser

  • Rotary

  • Tremolo

Reverb Fx Settings:

  • Off

  • Room

  • Hall

  • Delay

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