Delano Sonar 3 MS/E - 3 Band Bas Preamp

Delano Sonar 3 MS/E - 3 Band Bas Preamp

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Marka Delano
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Delano Sonar 3 MS/E Bas gitar preamp - 3 band

Scaling new heights in perfecting the tonal capabilities of magnetic pickups, the Delano Sonar bass preamp series is designed for just one purpose: Making a good tone even better. The SONAR 3MS (MS = Mid Selection) is the first really compact preamp design which offers the great advantage of selecting different mid frequencies. Now it is available as MS/E-version (E = External switching), which provides dialing center-frequencies from the control panel of your bass with a three-position toggle switch.

As an integral part of any active bass guitar, an active EQ has to fulfill countless requirements regarding strength and clarity in tone, power consumption and installation. To meet this challenge perfectly, the time has come for a new onboard preamp: Sonar.

This smart powerhouse delivers the real thing: rocksteady bottom, cutting midrange and naturally brilliant high end. Whether adapting its tone to match the surrounding acoustics, enhancing versatility or increasing your musical expression, this preamp always feels like a natural extension, preserving all the benefits of passive operation: uncoloured, true and focused sound. Comparing the flat-set sound to bypassed full passive action you´ll detect no difference. Matchless. And with its perfectly matched band-pass filters and separated amplifier stages, adjustments stay predictable at any time without overpowering tone.

The Delano Sonar onboard preamp is housed in a sealed slim-box, which provides easy, space-saving installation and secure insulation to other electrical components. Its minimal power consumption lets you forget where your battery-box is - make a guess?

Sonar 3MS/E Specifications:

input impedance:>1 MOhm

output impedance:100 Ohm

signal-to-noise ratio:-98dB

operating voltage:+9V

power consumption:0,8mA


bass:40 Hz

mid (selectable):300 Hz / 500 Hz / 800 Hz

treble:6.5 KHz

dimensions:20x30x16 mm

delivery contents:SONAR 3MS/E preamp comes with prewired toggle-switch and tone pots. Volume pot (push-pull) and balance pot are enclosed.

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