Fishman AST-B10-SSN 10 Gitar Kablo

Fishman AST-B10-SSN 10 Gitar Kablo

Ürün no 39938
Marka Fishman
Fiyat 275,20 TL Taksit seçenekleri
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The Asterope Pro Stage Series is ideal for more demanding environments when consistency, control and durability are essential to a successful performance. The Asterope Pro Stage Series provides artists and engineers a product that is clearly superior whether at a casual rehearsal or a large production.
Asterope cables are a result of decades of research and development across a number of scientific disciplines which have resulted in a major breakthrough in cable design. An ultra-efficient signal flow increases bandwidth and harmonic response and improves the overall sound of all audio electronics. Asterope delivers a broader bandwidth of sound than traditional cables, allowing the listener to actually "feel" the difference... This phenomenon is referred to as "hyper-sonics". It must be experienced first hand. Hearing is believing!
Asterope cables are constructed using the highest quality conductive materials, proprietary wiring and production methods and patented Ultra-Clarity connectors. Cables are covered with a durable exterior jacketing and include enhanced noise-resistant shielding. The unique unidirectional design is optimized for signal flow in one direction, and the connectors are clearly marked to indicate this. Asterope cables come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and are available in 1/4" and XLR models. Designed and Made in the U.S.A.
Asterope cables greatly improve the sound of all instruments, amplifiers and effects, which enhances the musical experience for both the artist and the listener. Asterope's revolutionary technology optimizes electron flow in your signal path, and literally "excite" your tone from the moment you plug them in.
Artists using this cable include Chris Maresh; Ruthie Foster; Darcie Deaville; Mark Epstien; Billy Harvey; Linda Taylor; Rico Thomas; James Burton; Sean Hurley; Lance Keltner.
Gauge: 20 AWG, low strand count
Color: Black with color coded connectors
Conductor: Directional, Twin-Axial, 99.9% Ultra-Pure OFC
Shielding: 95% cross-braided tin copper shielding
Jacket: Extra Durable, Full-Flex, Pressurized PVC Jacketing
Plugs: Male mono, straight to straight
Connectors: Patented solid core, ultra-clarity, nickel plated
Strain Relief: Unique barbed-collar bracket reliefs secured in dense custom-threaded housings
Specifications subject to change without notice

Connectors: 1/4" male mono straight
Length:10 to 14.9 feet

Manufacturer: Fishman
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